Tercoo Surface Blaster for steel & metal surface preparation

Tercoo Surface Blaster for steel & metal surface preparation

The rotating Surface Blaster discs produced by Tercoo are rubber mounted tungsten tips used for surface preparation of steel surfaces, pipes, tanks and bunds, marine decks and hulls
The Tercoo Surface Blaster prep method leaves a profile similar to shot blasting prior to recoating, without the need for heavy equipment or shot blast residue clean up
The Surface Blaster rotating discs do not require the use of large quantities of abrasive medium, minimising over blast and clean-up costs

The Tercoo discs are used in marine and bridge renovation, ship building and repairs renovation in the pipeline, oil and gas industries
The tungsten tip blaster method is faster than using needle guns, is dust free if used with a dustex vac, with less vibration and noise
Unlike grinding the Surface Blaster produces little heat or sparking

REFINA supply the range of Tercoo Surface Blaster discs for superior surface preparation offering ex stock delivery of the range of hex centre discs and spindle mounted discs for automotive, industrial, pipeline and marine use

Spindle mounted discs are stocked for smaller boat yards, cleaning canal and narrow boats before repainting
We provide the surface preparation, paint and marine trades with innovative rust prevention surface preparation equipment and tools
The corrosion control and treatment of rust can be complex and involve the use of heavy equipment. Tercoo Surface Blasters with EPO1310 electric power tool includes the rubber mounted tungsten tipped rotary discs for removal of corrosion and other surface debris and creating surface profile for coatings adhesion.

The EPO1310 power tool is supplied in 110v or 230v with six disc drum and dust extraction guard. It is simple and cost effective to use, providing a 2.5 mil finish to receive anti-corrosion coatings
New to the REFINA range of surface preparation tools and equipment is a cordless Surface Blaster power tool. It is a light weight 18v cordless version with a high performance drive and rotating three disc drum to remove corrosion, rust, scale, and coatings without damaging the substrate